I've Got Your Back

I've got your back


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I’ve Got Your Back is about reminding the community to look out for each other.

Depression, isolation and loneliness are increasing issues in our communities, there are many reasons for this, and however a key trigger is feelings of loneliness and isolation.

For people experiencing these emotions a simple phone call, text or ‘cuppa’ can make a huge difference.

I’ve Got Your Back campaign aims to encourage people to reach out to their friends, family and neighbours.  It’s a simple social marketing campaign that reminds us all to look out and be there for others. While doing this, the campaign will remind those who feel alone that there are people out there who care.

This process will enhance the wellbeing of both groups, as the act of connecting and giving is beneficial to both parties.


The North Canterbury Capacity Project developed this campaign as a Legacy to the work they had done in 2015/16.  Many communities have changed since the earthquakes with new people moving into the district, people grappling with increased financial pressure and family pressures.  The group wanted something simple that would boost community morale, and empower the community to help itself.

It is based on a key message to our brave and courageous soldiers in World War 1.  As soldiers took to the front line their commanders told them that they weren’t alone that the whole platoon ‘had their back’ and they’d be covering them from behind. 

In addition He Waka Tapu had adopted this concept to work in their community encouraging others to look out for their mates and their family particularly around family violence, and alcohol and drug harm messages.

The campaign was developed to be a simple ‘message’ that would be recognisable and easy to spread widely throughout the community through various groups and channels.  It would serve as a reminder to look out for each other, and it would promote how to recognise the signs if someone was struggling and where to go for more help if they needed it.

How the campaign works

This is a low-cost campaign!  It is about promoting a simple message and starting a conversation in your community.  Here’s how you can get it off the ground:-

Promote the message (using our pre-designed resources) in your community – (all you need to do is take them to a printer!)  Print off as many as you want/need for your campaign. You could do all or some of the following, you choose! 

  • Billboards
  • T-Shirts
  • Brochures
  • Wristbands
  • Pavement messages
  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Badges
  • Footpath Stencil

As well as that you can do these NO COST activities to ‘spread the word’

  • Develop Media articles to promote the message
  • Engage Community Ambassadors to promote the message
  • Work with your business community to promote the messages
  • Work with specific groups in your community e.g. Lions, Farmers, School, Churches to promote the message and encourage them to promote the message
  • Share your work and promote the ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ Facebook Page
  • Promote the message at community events
  • Put up posters and signs
  • Promote in existing ad’s in the local papers, school newsletters, email footers, on letterheads –get creative!









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If you would like any of our larger resources, such as the brochure or billboards, please contact us on 312 3006.